Our Care Commitment


On your visit to Natick Animal Clinic, you will notice six Care Commitment themes. These include: Preventive Medicine, Specialty Services, Dental Health, Senior Wellness, Weight Management and Client Education. Through these themes, our goal is to help you, the pet owner, maintain a healthy lifestyle and prolonged quality of life for your companion animal.

Just as you think of your pet as part of your own family, we think of our patients like members of our Natick family. Although our main focus is on quality medicine, we are also focused on our commitment to our clients. We have a mission to provide quality customer service along with excellent clinical care, and that mission may be summed up in two words: “We Care.” You will see signs expressing this commitment posted throughout Natick Animal Clinic. The foundation of our practice is our belief that preventive care, specialty and diagnostic care, dental health, senior wellness, weight management and client education matter when selecting your pet’s primary care provider.

At Natick Animal Clinic, we believe that our profession is a calling. We love what we do, and we want that to show. We strive to maintain a competitive edge in the health care we practice because medicine is an evolutionary science. But we believe that no medical care, even the most high-tech, is complete without its accompanying arts, compassion and healing. Above all else, our advocacy is our professional covenant. When we do the right thing and pursue these ideal objectives, we emphasize the value in our services.

Preventive Medicine

Taking your pet for veterinary examinations regularly is the most important thing you can do for them. If your pet’s health is left unchecked, illness can encumber your friend’s quality of life. Annual or bi-annual physical examinations, vaccinations, blood work, urinalysis, fecal testing and preventive parasite control all help promote your pet’s well-being. Routine care and yearly diagnosis of medical problems allow for early intervention, all of which improves your pet’s longevity. Our primary care delivery model assures your pet continuity of care. At each of your regular appointments, your pet will see the same doctor, allowing them to establish a long-term relationship with your pet’s health history. In providing the primary care model, we assure your pet the same level of confidence that you establish with your own family practitioner.

Specialty Services

Natick Animal Clinic is able to provide many surgical procedures that, in the past, might have been referred to specialty institutions. Our staff surgeon has a special interest in orthopedic and non-routine surgeries. She is also available for referrals from other veterinarians.

Dental Health

Good oral health is essential for good overall health. Nearly 80% of all pets have significant dental disease. In cats, it can start as early as age one, and in dogs, it can start as early as age three. Your veterinarian may recommend a program of tooth brushing, dental checkups, dental cleanings, healthy diets and treats. We perform routine and specialty dental care, utilizing carefully monitored anesthesia and digital dental radiography. This allows the doctors to detect any disease or bone-related problem not visible to the naked eye.

By providing your pet with familiar surroundings and care by a staff that already has a history with your pet, both your pet’s and your experience will be far more personal.

Senior Wellness

Our pets are living longer than ever before thanks to advances in preventive care and nutrition. However, our senior pets are like their human counterparts: they require special attention during the aging process. Arthritis, dental disease, hormonal imbalances, weight problems and kidney, heart and liver disease are just some of the typical senior pet health issues that we monitor when we care for your senior pet.

Weight Management

Many of us do not realize the health risks and complications that come with being an overweight pet. An overweight pet is more likely to develop diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease and joint problems. We offer weight loss programs, special diets, encouragement and support from our veterinary care team.

Client Education

An informed client is a better pet owner. We have written information about pain management, household hazards, senior pet wellness, zoonotic diseases and more to help explain health matters that you can successfully manage. Being aware of these issues will help keep your pet health, happy and comfortable. Our doctors and staff are available to answer your questions and talk to you in terms that are easy to understand. We want you to leave your visit informed and feeling confident that your pet is in caring, expert hands.