Don’t Leave Your Pet in a Hot Car!


One of the most dangerous places for your pet is inside your own car. On warm days—even days as mild as 70 degrees—temperatures inside your vehicle can reach into the 100s in 10 minutes or less.

Leaving pets inside sweltering cars is a common mistake pet owners make, and it can have deadly consequences. We often assume that pets can tolerate warmth like we can, but their bodies simply can’t handle the stress of extreme heat.

To help you avoid leaving your pet in the car when it’s too hot, we’re providing free heat sensors to all Natick Animal Clinic clients. The sensor hangs from your rear-view mirror, and it changes color when the car is too hot for your pet to be inside.

Make sure you pick up a heat sensor next time you visit Natick Animal Clinic. It’s an easy way to remind yourself to protect your pets from a very sneaky hazard. For more information on overheating dangers or to schedule an appointment at Natick Animal Clinic, please call 508-203-4108 or contact us online.