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We offer modern, luxury dog and cat accommodations and amenities.


To make your dog or cat feel pampered during your time away, they’ll have access to on-site medical expertise, regular exercise times, temperature-controlled rooms, specialty treats, and a light rinse at discharge. We want our guests to feel as relaxed and spoiled as you do when you take a vacation. Our 14,000-square-foot hotel is state of the art: it was designed by architects who specialize in creating environmentally safe sanctuaries for our treasured family members.

Boarding Universal Guidelines

  • Guest vaccines must be up to date and updated in our system including a yearly fecal PRIOR to drop off. (Please call for special health situations)
  • Charges are based on days, not nights.
  • If you pick up before 2 hours after we open, you are not charged for that day!Monday-Saturday 8am-10amSunday 9am-11am


Pooch Lodging

We offer three types of suite accommodations: suite boarding with private patios, deluxe rooms with private patios or spacious standard guest rooms. Our lodgings feature raised beds and therapeutic Komfy K9 mattresses. Our goal is to create the ultimate boarding experience so you know your pet is not only well cared for but also treated as an exclusive guest. We strive to provide your pet with an environment that is clean, relaxing, safe and as stress-free as possible while you’re away.



Dog Boarding Flat Rate: $47.50/day


  • Fresh free choice water
  • Fresh bedding daily
  • Sterilized room daily
  • Guest status checks 3 times a day
  • Private patio connected with mirrors the same size as their inside room accommodation
  • Exit rinse the night before check out day, which you can sign up for on your boarding confirmation paperwork ($15)

(Large Room Sizing 3'11 x 6'FT Deep)

(Medium Room Sizing 2'12 x 6'FT Deep)

(Small Room Sizing 2'7 x 6'FT Deep)

*Pick up 2 hours after we open to not pay for that day!)

Suite: $95 (Includes 2 play sessions [group or individual] as well as extra large accommodations inside and matching size for private patio)

Amenities included in the Suite:

  • Privacy curtains
  • Fresh free choice water
  • Fresh bedding daily
  • Sterilized room daily
  • Guest status checks 3 times a day
  • Sizing: 5'10 X 6' FT with matching private patio size
  • Privacy curtains
  • First dog in suite boarding receives the $90 per day charge - any additional dogs receive the Dog Flat Boarding Rate of $45 per day!
  • 2 Complimentary play sessions (Group or Private), which you can select up for on your boarding confirmation paperwork

Canine Diabetic Boarding: $79

Rabies Quarantine Boarding: $80



Medication Administration: $11 PER DAY

Group Play Time: $17 PER HOUR

Private Play Time: $16 PER HALF HOUR


  • Private Access to our yards for late night potty break (7 PM - 8 PM)
  • A special treat and belly rubs

If your dog has food allergies, pack special treats for this service

Frozen Treat: $5 PER TREAT (We give 3-4 per guest per day!)

Hand crafted by our team and simply delicious!

Our menu of recipes include:
Dog Treats/Peanut Butter/Banana Baby Food/Baby Strawberry Yogurt/Coconut Oil/Water

Hotel Exit Rinse: $15 (Done the night before check-out)


Kitty Lodging

At our premier boarding cattery, your favorite feline will enjoy lavish, custom-built accommodations in a clean, safe and caring environment. Our feline friends prefer a slightly quieter environment than their canine counterparts, so we dedicated a section of our resort just for them. Our peaceful and private cat lounge provides calming music while your cat enjoys a garden view complete with ample sunlight, providing prime sunbathing opportunities. Each condo has a private powder room that is supplied with fresh kitty litter throughout the day. Cat penthouses, for families with multiple cats, are also available, and they are double the size of our single suites.


Cat Boarding Flat Rate: $31.50

Cat Diabetic Boarding: $52.50

Rabies Quarantine Boarding: $80



Medication Administration: $11 PER DAY

Kitty Play Time: $11 PER HOUR



Exotic Boarding: $21

Please contact us for more information about boarding your exotic pet.



Our guests never have to call for room service: our hotel staff prepares their individualized meals based on their entrée preferences. Standard treats are provided as part of the hotel fee, but for an additional minimal fee, guests can upgrade to our gourmet treats. We proudly serve complimentary, Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach but if your pet is a puppy or on a specific diet, please feel free to bring your own food. If you do decide to bring your pet’s normal food from home, we ask that you pre-measure each meal into baggies and label the baggies with your pet’s name and feeding instructions.

Exotic guests are also welcome; please contact us for more information.

Purina EN is used primarily for dogs with gastric issues and or needing an extremely bland diet






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