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This class is intended for:

Dogs over 5 months of age who have completed either Puppy Kindergarten OR the Beginner level class.

If your dog has not completed a formal class, they should at least be able to:

  • respond to their name by looking at you in a variety of environments
  • sit and lay down with a hand signal or word cue
  • be social with other dogs and people (or at least tolerant)
  • be able to walk on a leash (even if they pull)

    The training focus will be to build on attention training and the foundation behaviors typically learned in a first-level class.

    We will work on:

    • Distance, duration, and distraction in sit, down and stay positions.
    • Coming when called
    • Leash walking
    • Cues that will help with everyday behaviors and the safety of our dogs. For example, “wait”, “leave it” and “drop it”

    Price: $180

    The Intermediate class meets for 6 weeks, 1 hour each week. 

    Class size is limited to 6 dogs - and their people.

    The whole family is encouraged to attend!
    Children must be accompanied by an adult and cannot be the primary handler of the dog during the class.

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