Thank you for your kind words!

We are extremely proud of the positive feedback we have received over the years from our clients for the quality veterinary medicine we have provided to our patients, as well as our strong commitment to our clients.

I am so amazed at the service both for my dog and myself that Natick Animal Clinic provided. When my eight-year-old chocolate lab, Willie Chancho, blew out his knee he required an extensive surgery. I was initially quoted by a different local clinic that it would cost me over $5000. Being a social worker and in graduate school, I simply could not afford that amount. I called around asking of anyone would be willing to help me and Natick Animal Clinic came to the rescue. Not only did they offer a reasonable amount for this procedure, they also kept in constant communication and talked me through everything. They made the whole process simple and reassured me every step of the way. The response time when I asked a question or needed help was within the day and was always positive and welcomed. In the past, other vets seem to be annoyed when you ask a lot of questions or contact them a lot, this clinic welcomes them and made me feel important as the customer.

To be honest, I haven’t had the best experiences with Vet Clinics, and I’ll admit I sometimes reference them as the animal equivalent of a car dealership, but my faith has been restored with the Natick Animal Clinic and their staff! I cannot express the gratitude I have for their compassion, empathy, and overall amazing customer service. I live over 30 minutes away from this clinic and am more than willing to drive double that to get the service for my dog again.

Highly recommend this clinic and a solid high-five to Heather and Dr. Fish for everything they did to help me and my dog! 

We have been clients at Natick Animal Clinic for 15 years and have received outstanding care and service every step of the way. The vets and technicians are dedicated and caring, and the staff are true animal lovers. Our pets have been groomed there and stayed at the kennel numerous times, and we have never had an issue or a reason to be dissatisfied. We would recommend the clinic and “spa” without hesitation.

Barbara M.

They take great care of Lilly!

Marsha C.

I’ve been going here for years, and the doctors and staff are just wonderful. I wish they could be my doctors! 

Karen S.

My family and I are very appreciative of Dr. Pocher and the staff at Natick Animal Clinic for the care they provide to our cats Minnie and Dublin. Both of our cats have recently received medical treatments at their facility, and we were amazed at the responsive care they received, from the actual treatments to the numerous checkup phone calls. Dr. Pocher explains all of the options and answers every question asked. We are very lucky to have our cats part of Natick Animal Clinic.

The Greenwoods

Thank you for taking such great care of Roxie. NAC added her into an already full Friday afternoon schedule when they learned that she was not feeling well. She was given expert care in every way. I even got a follow-up call on Sunday to check on her progress.

Ellen L.

This is an absolutely first-rate veterinary clinic. The doctors and techs are extremely good. You just cannot fault them for attentiveness, friendliness and professional skill. We especially appreciate Dr. Schmidt, but other providers we have seen occasionally at this practice also made a very good impression. The receptionists always seem able to get our dog in for an unscheduled appointment promptly. The doctors see patients on time, always carefully explain their recommendations and answer all questions clearly. They have good judgment about what tests or procedures are necessary to do. Dr. Schmidt always makes a follow-up call a few days after each appointment to check on how the dog is faring and to answer any questions that may have arisen. (Don’t you wish your “people doctor” did that?!)

More generally, this practice employs good people who seem to enjoy their work and love animals. My husband and I treat our dog like the child we don’t have, so we are very particular about his vet care. However, we have never been less than 100% satisfied with the services we have received at Natick Animal Clinic. The associated Four Paws Spa is also good and will cheerfully accommodate special requests/special needs. We do not send the dog for boarding, so I can’t comment on that aspect of the business.

Eva G.

I am a Disabled Veteran whom has an Emotional Support Animal. Angel was having constipation issues and was having pain real bad. I called the Natick Animal Clinic and spoke with Samantha and Andrea regarding Angel. They were so patient with me, listening to my concerns and assuring me that everything was going to be all right. They scheduled me an appointment the very next day at 1:30. I was thinking the worst about my pet and most of all the cost of the Veterinary care for Angel! I was thinking OK here goes Major Dollars out for my Angels care!! I always assumed the worst when it comes to Angel. I went there on Sunday and checked in. The receptionists Samantha and Amanda went out of way with their professional, but most of all, caring attitude!! Calming me down, caring for Angel, talking to me and ensuring me that everything was going to be OK. I met with the technician, whom just was so wonderful to us and most of all my Angel. She was kind, assuring, knowledgeable and most of all she cared about me and my Angel! She talked to us and let us know everything that the doctor was going to do with Angel. The Doctor, Dr. Moynihan, came in and spoke with us about Angel, her problem, and right then, by her caring, gently touching Angel I knew we had made the right choice for Angels care! This wonderful Doctor cared not only for us, our concerns, and making sure that everything was exceptional for Angel and us. She informed us everything that she recommended for Angel, the cost for Angels care. She did not try to ” force” unnecessary care for Angel, she told me step by step of what she was going to do for out pet. She let us make the decision of Angels treatment, based upon her expertise!!! I was immediately very, very satisfied in trusting her in Angels Care!! She took Angel back and started her treatment, and the technician came out and let us know that Angel was OK and most of all how she was responding to the care she was receiving!! When the Doctor was finished, she came outside to the waiting area and told everything regarding Angel!! The words that I will definitely say about everything there……total excellence in pet care!!!! The facility was spotless, they had treats for the pets, and the excellence of all of the staff was totally the best!!!!! I would recommend this #1 clinic to anyone!!! Angel now has a very excellent, caring, wonderful new Doctor for her total care. Dr. Moynihan!! In closing I will also say that the cost was very reasonable to Angels care. The staff also informed us about a plan for paying for Angels care which I find is Excellent!!!! They also gave me a discount!!!! Thank you so much Natick Animal Clinic!!!!! Wish I could give them 10 stars!!!!

Wade S.

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